Bad Girls Club|Australia|S4|Episode 9|New Girl New Trouble

Scene cut to Azealea looking at Teyana as Teyana kiss her picture, “my weave look a mess there” Teyana laugh walking upstairs, “bitch didn’t even say hi” Bonnie said as Jessica hide her face in her neck

Scene cut to Teyana putting her bags on her bed as Emily look at her, “hi I’m Emily” Emily smile hugging her as Teyana smile, “well let me get out of here cause it bout be some moaning from this room” Teyana laugh walking out

Scene cut to next morning
Scene cut to Becky closing door as her friends left

Scene cut to kitchen
“So how was your first night” Ashley look at Teyana as Teyana open beer bottle with her mouth, “I mean it was gucci I can say everyone was sweeter than I expected”Teyana laugh as scene cut to Azealea and Jessica grabbing Teyana suitcase as they open it up carrying some clothes

Scene cut to Jessica and Azealea
In confessional
“We basically decide baddest are us, Ashley,Bonnie and there no more room so we getting rid of two bitches in one” Azealea high five Jessica

Scene cut to Jessica putting Teyana clothes in Becky hampter as she walk off

Scene cut to Teyana going in confessional
“So just go to this gorgeous house very big and shit um girls they cool no one really bitching hitching right now but yeah” Teyana blow a kiss

Scene cut to make up room
Scene cut to Teyana grabbing Becky eyeliner as she did her make up as Becky walk upstairs rolling her eye

Scene cut to Becky in confessional
“Bitch do I know you like don’t touch my shit your a replacement” Becky pointed, “r to e to p to lace to ment” Becky flip her hair

Scene cut to limo ride
“Let enjoy this night we going turn up for new girl” Emily laugh as she hug Teyana, “kissing her ass” Ashley laugh as Emily stick her middle finger up

Scene cut to club
“Turn up turn up” Teyana dance on couch as Emily laugh hugging her scene cut to Ashley going to Bonnie, “you ready get shit wrapping”Ashley ask her as Bonnie link arms with her walking to Becky, “so like I know we ain’t friends but Teyana planning to get you out house she hid her clothes in your dirty clothes pile” Bonnie explain as Becky tap her face, “she out I already didn’t like her now it official” Becky twirl her hair as Ashley smirk

Scene cut to Ashley in confessional
“This bitch is dumb ass for real this going be so much fun” Ashley laugh

Scene cut limo ride
“Bitches are fake as fuck this day will there ugly weave”Becky laugh as Teyana look at her, “what you looking at bitch” Teyana point at her as Emily sit on her lap, “la la la da da” Emily sung as Jessica was like, “stop been a save of hoe E let them rock out” Jessica clap as as Emily sit up, “it her first night chill the fuck out with that bullshit” Emily clap as Azealea roll her eye, “so much clapping but no swinging” Azealea got out limo walking into house

Scene cut to Becky hitting Teyana picture with her heels as Teyana laugh going into her,Emily, Becky room, “let me put on my sneakers yo” Teyana grab her red bottoms as she ran downstairs going outside, “I mean what good B” Teyana pressed her chest against her as Becky laugh, “are you going pop off or what” Becky clap as Teyana grab her nose pinitching it as Becky push her face back as Teyana punch the side of her face hard as Becky scream as Teyana punch her again as security grab her pulling her back as Emily clap

Scene cut to Emily in confessional
“New bitch is beating ass tonight so exciting to watch and very enjoyable”Emily said as Teyana walk into confessional, “ugh I want fuck that bitch up let me at hoe” Teyana look at security man as Emily hug her, “your gorgeous don’t let her bring you into darkness keep your head up”Emily high five her as Teyana hug her

Scene cut to Teyana grabbing some of girls make up as Emily laugh as Teyana put some gloves on,”yall bitches all ready dirty” Teyana dump it in toilet as Emily pull her pants down peeing as Teyana laugh, “bitch you much hate them I don’t think I ever done that” Teyana laugh as Emily got all brushes and beauty supplies putting them back

Scene cut back